September 8, 2020

We’re Back

Mojo Friends,
I just rolled in from spending 10 lovely days with this amazing young dynamo!

With Viv and Charlee Girl at Queeny Dog Park in St Louis

I am revved and ready to get BACK into a (somewhat) steady schedule. I hope you are too! We will have TWO outdoor LIVE “Party In the Park” classes this week. Check schedule *Please keep in mind our outdoor schedule is weather permitting.

For our Mojo Online community, we will start weekly LIVEstream classes –  NEXT week.  *If you can’t join us, no worries. Classes (with instructional captions) will be uploaded to our Mojo Online library. *I wish I could LIVEstream our outdoor classes, but our wireless signals are not strong enough yet.

A Little Surprise…

We had a fun new tweak at our last outdoor session. Michele Cotumaccio co-choreographed a new routine for us and joined me in front to teach it. It was a BIG hit. Creating new routines is a rigorous process. Having friends like her share fave songs and moves makes it SO much more fun. Thanks Michele!

Lost Your Mojo?
We ALL have one time or another.
(Remember Austin Powers?)

No one can find it for you and the motivation will not simply appear. It’s up to YOU to put on those sneakers and take those baby steps (kicks and shimmies) forward. It will not be easy. If it was, EVERYONE would be fit, healthy and happy.

For a little mojo-tivation, soak in this little nugget…

You may be tired, burnt out and don’t feel like it…
but keep moving!

You may have stacks of bills and may be
stressed out about how to pay them….
but keep moving!

You may have drama or trauma in your life…
relationships…children…or career….
but keep moving.

Someone you care deeply about may be ill or
declining in health.
It is their journey.
You are here to love, support
and/or accompany them…
not to become them…
so keep moving!

Life may hand you a set of keys that won’t
open any doors.
Crawl out a window…
and keep moving!

You will get past this moment.
You will feel stronger and more
hopeful than you are now.
Resolve that you can and that you will do this.
Just keep moving!!

You have something special.
You have GREATNESS within you!!

Just keep moving!!

Author: Les Brown

It’s up to YOU to make it happen. The rest will follow.
Take care, keep counting your blessings and make the most of this time.

Golden Opportunity
Rise, Shine & Repeat

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